Hello and happy new year!

How’s your best year yet going so far?

And…are you wanting to make your work and life even more soulful in 2017?

I was recently interviewed for an upcoming telesummit called “Live Your Soul’s Purpose” and it’s going to be released soon and you can watch it by clicking the link below.

In the interview I share how the power of intention helped me find my wonderful husband-to-be and how letting go and focusing on activities other than work can sometimes be the way to find one’s calling (that’s how I found mine years ago in the business world that I love so much).

You can sign up now to get all the interviews delivered to your email inbox (my interview airs on January 17, 2017). Here’s to all of us creating soulful work and a happy life in 2017!

Sign up here: www.LiveSoulPurpose.com/KristinMorrison

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Best Year Yet Check In – Hi There! :)

Hello dear ones,k11

Whoa. It’s been such a long time since I’ve written on this blog.

I’ve been (so gratefully) enjoying an abundance of coaching clients who have kept me happily busy. Also many life adventures and some challenges (every best year has one or a few of those!) that blogging has been far from my mind these days and that’s why this page has been silent for over a year.


The new year is coming and I’m looking ahead to my own best year yet plan and those of you who have worked with me to create your best year yet are probably looking ahead to your plan too.

I’m in the question of what I truly want this year.

I’m pondering it, mulling it over.

I’ve got some ideas and I know one of my goals involves vitality and getting in kick ass shape so I look great in my wedding dress and beyond the wedding (I’ve been working out at Orange Theory 4x a week and oh my—it’s amazing and kicking my butt (in a good way though—can’t get in kick ass shape without some ass kicking!)

I’ll be creating my own plan by December 15 so I can have clarity about what I want the year to look like and how I want to create that (and of course be open for some surprises).

I’ll be offering a few special best year coaching sessions in the new year and if you are interested in being alerted to those, do sign up for my newsletter found on the home page side bar. You’ll be alerted to them that way.

And I know most of my best year coaching clients aren’t pet business owners but for some of you that are, I know have a podcast available (and regardless of your business type or even if you don’t have a business, many of you may find the podcast segments helpful for you too). The podcast is called Prosperous Pet Business and launching it was (horray!) one of my 10 annual goals for my own 2016 best year yet plan. Check! Doesn’t it feel great to check those meaty goals off the list before the end of the year?

You can find the podcast on iTunes and also subscribe to it on iTunes.

Wishing you a great rest of your year and looking forward to connecting with you via my newsletter. Be sure to sign up on top ride sidebar of this blog post. 🙂

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9 of the Best Apps for Your Business and Personal Life

I was purposefully late to the smart phone craze because I saw what it was doing to my friends and family (checking the phone can become an unhealthy obsession appfor many of us, can’t it?).

But once I got it, I realized that the smart phone is a tool and we can choose to have it help our lives or hurt our lives (which can happen when we slip into that obsessive mode that all of us can get into from time to time).

Below are 9 apps that I wanted to share with you. Some of them will help you be more productive in your business and others will make living your life more fun, meaningful and rewarding. (Don’t forget that we need to have a fun and meaningful life in order to truly thrive in business.)

1) Moment This is an app that will track your phone usage throughout the day. Especially helpful for those who find themselves compulsively checking their phones. You can also set this app up to track your entire family’s phone usage (especially helpful if you want more quality non-screen time with your kids).

2) Freedom This app will block all distractions like social media (Facebook!) across all devices including your laptop and phone. You set the timer for how long you don’t want to be allowed on certain sites in order to fully focus on the task at hand. Think of it like your mom in your computer. It works.

3. Coach.me You may find this app listed as ‘Lift’ (not to be confused with ‘Lyft’) on the app store. I love, love, love (a thousand times love) this app and use it daily. You set up items you want to focus on weekly and daily (Some of mine include: working out at the gym, hiking, drinking more water, creating a daily to do list, yoga, do a random act of kindness, etc.) You decide how many times you want to do each item each week and Coach.me will remind you about doing it. You check off what you’ve done each day. You can invite friends to follow your progress and you can follow theirs. I have found that my self care ramped up even more when using this app.

4. Sparkpeople  Oh my. This app has helped me eat better (so important for running a business!), exercise more, lose some weight and even drink more water! Yes, it really is that amazing. Here’s how it works: You track what you eat each meal and it counts calories, carbs and fat content of each item. If your prepackaged food item isn’t listed in the Smartpeople database (and most are), it has a scanning bar that allows you to scan the food item to read how many calories, carbs, etc. are in that food item. I can’t recommend this app enough. Because I’m tracking everything in this app it’s created extreme consciousness for me around what I’m putting in my body and how much I’m moving my body. I just love it.

5) Insight Timer OR Headspace  Both these apps are great for helping you carve out time for mindfulness and meditation. If you have had difficulty in the past in calming your mind I recommend trying Headspace as it’s a fun and easy guided tutorial. If your challenge around mindfulness and meditation simply involves getting yourself still and quiet then the Insight Timer will be enough for you. Both have limited versions that are free. When you purchase the complete Insight Timer you can set what kind of bell you like to go off when you meditate (I really like that feature so it’s worth the few dollars it costs). The Headspace app complete version requires a monthly fee. Try the free versions of each app first to see which one you like and if you are ready to dive in, it might be worth investing the money (when we pay for something we are more likely to actually use it!)

6) Podcasts I fell in love with podcasts when the “Serial” podcast came out (you may have heard your friends talking about it). There are many educational podcasts out there but for this blog I want to share some podcasts that are just downright fun. Podcasts are a great stress-reliever when you are out on a walk or in your car driving to a client’s office or to work. It’s also a great way to simply relax after a busy workday. There’s something about simply listening vs. watching and listening (like we do when we watch TV) that can calm the spirit and the mind. (And being free of stress helps us be more productive!) Here are some free podcasts that I HIGHLY recommend: Serial (as I mentioned this series hooked me on podcasts and it probably will hook you too. It’s a great one to start with), This American Life (there are so many great segments but you might want to start with these episodes: The House on Loon Lake, Switched at Birth, and The Leap). And some other podcasts that you might find fun to listen to while you are driving or doing the dishes: Death, Sex and Money (oh my! this one! I just love it.), Invisibilia, RadioLab, and a new one I just discovered called This is Actually Happening–please note that some episodes are very disturbing so it’s definitely not for everyone (and some episodes are way too much for me so I just move on to the next one). Oh and for this This American Life: I purchased a special app for This American Life ($4.99) so I could have access to all the archived episodes. If you get hooked on This American Life, you might want that special app too.

7) Quicken or Quickbooks (or whatever financial software program you use). If you are new to the world of personal or business record-keeping and aren’t using a financial program yet I recommend starting with Quicken as it’s easiest for those new to financial computing. Both Quicken and Quickbooks have apps that allow you to scan receipts to keep track of your expenses and jot down your expenses in the system very quickly and easily. If you have been in business for awhile and don’t have your financial program also on an app, I recommend that you get that app as soon as possible as will be a big time saver when it comes to your accounting.

8) Waze This app is great because if you are headed to a client’s office you can see where the traffic might be that would cause you to be late. This app also allows you to see if there are any cops in the area in case you are prone to speeding or doing the ‘California stop’ at stop signs. Getting pulled over always makes being late an even worse experience. (Please note that cops are trying to get their visibility from being shown on the app but so far haven’t been successful in having that feature removed.) Because this app will show you the shortest route possible this app will save you time, gas (and face, if you are running late).

9) Wunderlist Got a lot of To Dos on your plate? This app will help you organize and prioritize. And it syncs to your computer and your smart phone so whether you are at home or out and about you can keep track of what needs to be done and when. Start with the free version and if you love it and want the extra features then it might be worth it to purchase the business or pro version.

Happy app-ing!

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Got a Business? How to Clean Up Your Online Reputation

How’s your online reputation for your business these days? online reputation correct

I’ve recently had a few business owners ask me how to ‘hide’ negative reviews.

Though you (alas!) can’t delete online reviews there are powerful steps you can take to reduce the possibility of someone seeing something that you you’d rather they didn’t.

1. Search for your name AND your business name on Google. (Make sure to click on the ‘images’ section that is in Google too.)

2. If you discover negative reviews or online content that you wish wasn’t there, create new online content. Creating more blog posts is the easiest way to do this. Be sure to occasionally include your name and your business name in the blog post title and often include it in the category and tag section of your blog posts. You can also title some of the blog posts “Review Of __________” (your company name) and put a client testimonial in the blog post.

3. Get listed on LinkedIn if you are not already on there. Be sure to have a picture of yourself or your business logo in your profile.

4. Create a Google alert for your name (obviously easier if your name is unusual) and your business name. Just google ‘Google alert’.

5. Get listed on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Be sure to create a Facebook business page too. Social media sites come up high on the search engines so you want to be on as many as you can even if you are not often active on all of them.

Put these action items on your to do list this week so you can begin to clean up your online reputation.

To Your Success, Kristin8
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Best Year Coaching Testimonial: Lauren Marks of Pennsylvania

Best Year Coaching.comI enjoy coaching people from all over the country to help them create their best year yet. We work via video or phone (whatever you are most comfortable with) and we map out your powerful and most soulful goals and visions for the next year. You get to be in the comfort of your own home while you create a profound impact on the next year of your life.

Here’s what Lauren Marks says about our work together:

“Working with Kristin has been absolutely revelatory! Not only do I know myself better, but I know exactly who I want to be and I am developing the tools to become that (pretty cool) person. I am able to move purposefully through each day, with an ease of mind I’ve never had, nor ever expected. I can confidently defuse obstacles I previously found daunting and I am managing my flourishing business more strategically and sustainably with greater independence. Eureka! What it is to have a life again!

Achieving my interim goals has given me the courage and self-trust to seek what I have always wanted, but wasn’t sure I deserved or believed truly possible. My friends and family have all noted a profound change. They find me simultaneously more grounded, but lighter at heart and in spirit. And although this transformation appears miraculous to them, it is the result of daily progress and maintenance—largely a much-needed shoring up of my thoughts and reactions that keep moving toward balance and joy.

Unequivocally, Kristin has been my catalyst. I am continually in awe of her wisdom and warm heart. I came to her guarded, but her extraordinary empathy and her earnest desire to help me live a better life melted all my defensiveness. Where I feared I might find a critic or judge I found an amazingly caring ally. During our sessions I feel heard, and I know I am thoroughly understood; after our sessions I positively buzz with the energy and excitement of creating what already is and will continue to be an awesome life.

Thank you so, so, so much, Kristin! I will remain forever grateful.”
Lauren Marks
Wayne, Pennsylvania

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Long time, no blog!

Kristin22Whew, life has been so wonderfully full the past few months with so many of you great coaching clients, public speaking at conferences and other fun work. Also my personal life feels so rich lately. I will write more about what has been happening in my own personal and business Best Year Yet Plan but not today. 🙂

Just wanted to say ‘hi’ and let you know that all is well with me since it’s been so long since I’ve blogged.

Using the Best Year Yet plan in my own life for the last few years has created a sense of empowerment, joy and ease. As well as accountability (the Best Year Yet goal tracking software system is amazing! If you are using it, you know what I mean!) Want to work with me?
Check out the coaching page and see if creating your Best Year Yet calls to you.

Wishing you a wonderful day and may this be your Best Year Yet!
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Optimum Health and Passive Income Streams

I just got back from my 3 week vacation. It was a vacation unlike any other. Here is a picture of me decorated with wheatgrass for the talent show that I volunteered to emcee. But I’m getting ahead of myself…1039651_4639213553055_1517575577_o

This year I put ‘Create Radiant Health’ into my Best Year Plan.

Here’s the thing: I feel (and am) very healthy. I knew I could feel even better though.

My coaching practice has ramped up incredibly in the last few months (I feel so blessed to be working with so many of you to create your best year yet!) and with that enormous influx of clients came my putting exercise and healthy grocery shopping at the bottom of my to do list instead of at the top where it used to be (and where it needs to be).

I kept eyeballing that goal of ‘create radiant health’ in my Best Year Plan and wouldn’t you know it….synchronicity started happening (as it often does when one creates a Best Year Plan). Intention is powerful.

A few months ago I met someone who told me about the Optimum Health Institute (OHI) in San Diego. She’d just gotten back and was -quite literally- glowing.

So I signed up and went to OHI in June and wow, what a game changer.

I met incredible people, attended classes for mind/body/spirit, fasted for part of the time and ate raw food when I wasn’t fasting, and I drank a ton of wheatgrass juice. I did a technology fast too and didn’t check email for nearly three weeks. It was fabulous. And yes, there is a talent show every Friday night. I organized a group of willing OHI attendees to perform improv with me on one of the Fridays and the following Friday I volunteered to be the emcee. So fun!

I also met a number of inspiring people who have fully recovered from (supposedly incurable!) Stage 4 cancer by simply following the program outlined by OHI.

As for me and my experience after attending OHI: My heart is full. My mind is peaceful. My body is happy.

One of the things I’m most grateful for when I travel are my various passive income streams that bring in money (passive income streams include my books, products, etc).

Here’s the thing: I love my work (I feel so blessed to get to work with all of you) and it’s such a gift to be able to make money while I’m not working.

Are you ready to create the best 12 months of your life staring now?

Do you want to build a thriving business, create passive income streams, write a book, enjoy more time for love, connection and fun and/or travel around the world for a few months (while your business runs without you at the helm)?

I’ve done all of these IN SPADES and can help you create the life of your dreams…whatever that looks like for you.

If you are ready to live your best life, I’m ready to catapult you to it. Contact me today and let’s get started.

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The Feminine Business Model Telesummit

I was recently interviewed on a telesummit called The Feminine Business Model Telesummit.

It was my first time doing a video interview (with no editing!) and I had a lot of fun being on a speaker panel with another female business owner.

The topic I spoke on was “Turning your passion into profit”. I think you will enjoy it (even if you are a guy I encourage you to check out this telesummit). 🙂

The Feminine Business Model Global Telesummit is a free series with video interviews of amazing women.

I’m so thrilled to be a featured speaker along with Ali Brown, Pamela Slim, Fabienne Frederickson, and Lynne Twist! This is rocket fuel for 2013, you don’t want to miss this. Click here to watch my interview.

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What do you want?

Screen shot 2013-01-02 at 9.53.26 PMI was discussing the idea of ‘wanting’ with a client last week. He was having such a challenge even just allowing himself to vision and dream that when I asked him, “What do you want to create for 2013?” his mind went blank.

The question of ‘What Do You Want?’ is sometimes the hardest question to answer. Many of the clients I work with are afraid of being disappointed and so they choose to shut the door on their wants and their goals become about ‘shoulds’. ‘Shoulds’ may be easier for some of us to identify but they usually aren’t fun to create.

But ‘wants’ on the other hand…
So much fun.

If it’s challenging to answer the question of what you want to another person, explore the question with yourself by setting the timer for 15 minutes and getting still.

Very still.
Breathe into what you might be wanting deep down that you have (perhaps) even hidden from yourself.

What might emerge out of the still listening from within might be images or symbols.
Or words or phrases.

If nothing comes, continue sitting still. If it helps, imagine there is a blank movie screen and ask the movie screen ‘What do I really want to create in 2013?’

And see what gets revealed.

The important thing here is to begin the dialogue with yourself and even more importantly to really listen to the words, phrases and images that make up your wants. They will lead you in the direction where all of you is in alignment.

Once you begin to get clear on the wants then it’s time to follow that dream!

Happy 2013, everyone!

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What are your ‘Oh My God Yes’ goals?

Some people think of goal setting as a dry, boring experience.

Best Year Coaching is anything but that! My experience of the goal-setting process is that it is enlivening and exciting for my coaching clients to put down on computer what is (sometimes secretly) in the heart.

Often there is surprise when, through our 3-Hour coaching session, someone discovers a goal that has been hidden even from themselves for years and years. It is fun for me to tease out the Oh My God Yes goals (whether they be business/career or personal goals) and bring them out in the light of day for us to really look at and pay attention to them.

I recently did a 3-Hour ‘Create Your Best Year Coaching’ Session with Pamela Batson:

Pam is a business owner living in Illinois and she came equipped with the goal of (perhaps) relocating to another state in 2013 as well as numerous other big and little goals. We also discovered some personal and work goals that she secretly desired but hadn’t yet clarified until doing her Best Year Coaching session.

It was exciting to have her goals unfold in a clear and powerful way and to see which goals most wanted to be on her Best Year Yet plan. Through our session she realized she wanted to move much sooner than she’d originally thought. Creating a definite plan in order for her move as quickly as possible (by the first quarter of 2013) was exciting for us both!

After our 3-hour session I asked Pam (see her picture below) some questions about what the session was like for her. She gave me permission to use her answers:

Kristin: What inspired you to want to create your best year?

Pam: I’m making some big changes, including a move, so I wanted to set a powerful plan into action. You’ve helped me before, so I knew that you would be able to help me set my goals into motion and build up my business in my new place of residence.

Kristin: Describe your experience of what it was like to create your best year plan with me.

Pam: It was powerful. I didn’t think it would take the whole 3 hours to go through the questions, but you were very thorough with me and helpful in working with me to set specific, attainable goals.

Kristin: Were there things that surprised you when you created your Best Year Plan?

Pam: I was surprised at how much of a difference it made to get specific with income amounts, time frames, etc.

Kristin: What would you say to others who were thinking of creating their Best Year Plan but hadn’t yet taken the leap?

Pam: I would say that it’s important to make the investment in their future and to have someone to be accountable to. There is something special about having all of the goals in writing rather than just having the idea in your head.

Kristin: Anything else you’d like to share about the process or your reflections after you did your Best Year Plan?

Pam: I have a renewed sense of motivation. I am confident that I will be able to make a smooth transition and build up my business again in North Carolina, making 2013 my best year yet!

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