FAQ Best Year Coaching

Q. What is Best Year Coaching?

A. Simply put, it’s a proven, powerful system to achieve your life and work goals for the next 12 months.

We will use the Best Year Yet online goal setting software system to create your goals for the next 12 months. (You can start in any month that you choose.) The software system allows us to break your goals down into quarterly, monthly and weekly goals to help you stay on track. My coaching will help you create your most potent, powerful plan in order to create your best year (and your best life). Prepare to be amazed!


Q. Can you walk me through the Best Year Coaching process so I have a good sense of how your coaching program works?

A. Sure. The process starts with your doing some preparation work in order to make our initial session the most powerful that it can be. The prep work involves your purchasing the Best Year Yet! software system for $100 (see purchase link on my coaching page). At the same time that you purchase the software, you will purchase your 3-hour initial coaching session with me ($395) to get started.

Using the software prior our meeting, you will create your annual goals by identifying the roles that you currently play in your life (and want to continue playing) and/or new roles that you want to step into within the next year. After you’ve created your plan, we will work together in our 3-hour coaching session to fine tune and refine your plan so you are ready to begin to create and live into your best year. It’s a transformative process and you’ll be amazed at the results!


Q. Okay, I’ve purchased the software from your coaching page + ordered my initial session with you. Should I begin entering my roles and goals into the software right away?

A. Oh, I know how eager you might be to get started to create your best year but please wait to enter your roles and goals until you hear from me.

Once you’ve ordered your software + 3-hour initial coaching session with me, I will send you my “How to Figure Out Your Roles and Goals” worksheet. Reading this worksheet prior to starting your plan will help you create the most powerful and potent plan possible. You will receive this worksheet within 1-3 days of your purchase of both the software and your initial session with me.

Here’s why you want to wait until you hear from me: if you start entering your information into the software without reading my tips and tools, you’ll likely enter your role and goal information incorrectly and then we’ll spend the majority of our 3-hour session correcting what you’ve entered rather than working on your plan. Which is such a bummer when you are raring to go to create your best year!

So, as eager as you might be to get started on the software (and I know you are probably at least as eager as I was when I discovered this program!) please wait until you receive your worksheet from me.

If you don’t receive this within 1-3 days of your purchase of the software system and the initial coaching session, please email me at BestLife@BestYearCoaching.com so I can get the worksheet to you as soon as possible so you can get started.

You will let me know when you’ve completed your plan in the software system and I will send a few possible days and times for our initial coaching session You will pick the best day/time so we get your 3-hour coaching session on the books.


Q. You mentioned ‘stepping into roles’. What are examples of roles that I have already and what are examples of roles I might want to step into this year?

A. The roles that we are already living into vary widely from person to person.

Here are examples of roles that you may already be living: business owner, wife, husband, father, dog mom. Examples of roles that you might desire to step into within the next year are: author (perhaps you want to write a book), homeowner (you want to buy a house), world traveler (perhaps you want to take a sabbatical and travel around the world), and gardener (you want to create a veggie garden this year).


Q. After I’ve connected with you and you’ve given me the green light to use the software to create my roles and my goals in the software system and I do that, then what happens?

A. We then meet for our 3-hour initial session where I guide you through the journey of fine tuning and refining your chosen roles and goals. In order to step into your roles and goals in a powerful way, we want them to be fully in alignment with who you want to be and where you want to go in the next 12 months.  We will create your most potent and powerful annual plan in your 3-hour coaching session. It’s an incredible process and one that will likely leave you shaking your head in wonder.


Q. How long is the initial intake session and where does it take place?

A. The initial intake session is three hours. If you live in the Bay Area, California, you are welcome to do an in-person coaching session at my home office. If you live outside of the Bay Area (and I have worked with people who live in many locations across the world) we will do your session via Go to Meeting screen sharing system. Go to Meeting allows us both to view your Best Year plan at the same time no matter where we are in the world in order to create the most powerful, potent plan for you. You will love it!

No matter whether we work in person or via Go to Meeting, you will come away feeling empowered around your visions and goals. I guarantee it!


Q. What is the initial intake coaching session like?

A. Because each person I work with is unique in what they need and want to create, each initial session is different. I usually start with a short meditation to get you centered and ready to powerfully step into your visioning and goal-refining process. If you are an in-person client and we both feel you might need the additional support, I may offer Bach flower remedies to support your process. Your well-being during this Best Year process is most important to me and I will always ask you if whatever I’m suggesting is okay with you before offering it as a tool to assist you in your process.

Sometimes the Best Year Coaching process does bring up emotions. And that’s good. Grief may arise at having put a long-held desire on hold for many years until now. Alternatively, excitement and joy may bubble up at the realization that you can actually create the life you want. All feelings and emotions are welcome during our session. Having experienced the emotional gamut through my own inner journey as well as working with thousands of coaching clients throughout the years, I am confident that I can create a safe container to let whatever is wanting to come forward within you to emerge during this potent process.

I work intuitively as well as logically to assist you in bringing your visions to fruition in a grounded, empowered, soulful way. Whether you are a right or left brain person (or somewhere in the middle of the two like I am) you’ll experience support for your visions and goals to unfold in the most powerful way possible.


Q. Did you create the online goal tracking system and the Best Year Yet! format?

A. I didn’t create the software nor the Best Year Yet format. I became a certified Best Year Yet! coach when I experienced using the process to create the most incredible year in my own life. Each year of my life has been better than the last. I continue to be blown away by this process. It’s simple. It’s effective. It works.

If, after viewing my website, you are still unsure if Best Year Coaching is for you, ask me about my personal process with Best Year Yet. I will be happy to tell you about the many positive and powerful effects it has had on my life. You can also visit my About page on this website to read some of what I’ve created in my own life as a result of working the Best Year Yet! program.


Q. What type of person can benefit from Best Year Coaching?

A. Anyone can benefit. Anyone, that is, who has the desire to step into their best year and their best life is someone who will benefit from using the Best Year Yet! software system and coaching.

I’ve worked with therapists, comediennes, sound engineers, teachers, musicians, all types of service-based business owners, full-time moms who want to enrich their family and personal life, and more.

No matter who you are or what you do professionally or personally, Best Year Coaching will enrich your life in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.


Q. Do I have to start my Best Year Coaching in January?

A. Best Year Coaching can start at any time! It’s a 12-month program so it doesn’t matter what month you start.


Q. Do I just do it for a year and then I’m done?

A. When you create your best year within 12 months you’ll probably want to do it for another year to create an even better year! I recommend trying it for a year and seeing how it works for you. You will know whether or not you want to continue.


Q. I don’t live near you. Can I still work with you?

A. Yes! I use Go to Meeting screen sharing software for my out-of-area clients. I can work with anyone who lives anywhere who has a computer and high speed Internet connection.


Q. What do you love most about the Best Year Yet system?

A. So many things!

I love how logical it is: through the software we create annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly goals. We also score where we are at each quarter, month, and week to stay on target.

I also love how non-linear this process can be. Goals may change as you change throughout a 12-month cycle. The plan and my coaching allows and even encourages goal-changing, if you feel called to change your goals as we journey through your best year process.

I also love that I’ve seen so much miraculous change happen in so many people’s lives as a result of working their plan. I say ‘miraculous’ because miracles do often happen through this process. Synchronicity definitely happens. A sense of ease and flow in achieving one’s goals is often what is experienced by my coaching clients.

And when blocks and challenges arise (as they often do when profound life change is occurring), they are worked through using a heart and spirit-centered approach.

And don’t get me wrong: this isn’t about sitting back and letting life happen. It’s about that ‘sweet spot’ between flow and putting one foot in front of the other and taking action in order to fully step into the creation of your best year ever!


ready to bring your best self to life?Q. Can you tell me the story behind your logo?

A. I’d love to.

I knew I wanted the logo to contain a sense of freedom, ease, joy and living a ‘technicolor life’ because those are the elements, among many, that I’ve experienced in my own best year creations.

I wanted a tree because they are rooted (grounded), yet the leaves and branches are flexible and sway with the wind. This grounded, flexible quality is something I wanted portrayed in my logo because when I am grounded and flexible I find I am living from my most potent place and most easily able to step fully and powerfully into my best year.

Our best years are often waiting for us to be available to them, to step in and say a big and hearty YES to them in a grounded and flexible way. Grounded to me means taking actions needed to create my best year. Flexibility is being able to bend and not get broken by the twists and turns of life.

There is a certain amount of surrender involved in being flexible and that’s why I wanted the tree/person image to be open and receptive. And from the sweet spot of being grounded, flexible, surrendered, combined with conscious intention and action through working the Best Year Yet! plan, we begin to grow, shift and change. Our lives are then lived in full, vivid color with all our energy available to step powerfully into our best year.

Want to create your own best year? Find out more about getting started and sign up for Best Year Coaching today.