Free Stuff For Best Year Coaching Clients

Ready to Make This Year the Best Year Ever?

This FREE goal-setting workbook, developed by Kristin Morrison for her coaching clients, will assist you in gaining clarity about what worked and what didn’t in your business and your life last year. It will also help you create crystal-clear goals for the next 12 months! You can complete this workbook at any time (not only at beginning of the year). This workbook will give you a teeny tiny taste of what will be in store for you when you experience Coach Kristin’s rockin’ Best Year Yet Coaching. Enjoy!

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Order Form to the Universe

Creating the kind of life that we want can be easy. Sometimes we hold on too tightly to what we want with our focus or are in SO MUCH action and too much of that intensity can inhibit what we most want from easily coming to us. Do you have something that you want in your life that has been challenging to achieve, create or manifest?

Here’s a FREE ‘Purchase Order to the Universe’. If you don‘t like the word ‘Universe’, no problem! Simply substitute another word that supports you and your belief system. The important thing here it to ‘turn over’ what you most want in order to more easily create it. This Order Form will help you step into that sweet spot between action and surrender in order to easily manifest what you are wanting in your business and your life. You deserve it! Are you ready to begin? Click below to get started…

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